Monday, February 8, 2010

Western Regional 3A swim meet results

Charlotte Catholic School swept the 3A Western Regional swim meet on Sunday.

Several South Piedmont Conference schools also competed in the meet, with Jay M. Robinson leading the way. The Bulldog girls' team finished fourth while the boys finished, third, giving them a fourth place finish in the combined score.

Cox Mill finished eighth in the combined score, with Hickory Ridge ninth, Concord 11th, Northwest Cabarrus 15th, Mount Pleasant tied for 17th, A.L. Brown in 20th and Central Cabarrus in 29th.

Swimmers who finished in the top-12 in their event will compete in the state meet this weekend.

Representing the SPC at states are:

Girls' 200-yard medley relay:
4. Robinson (Alex Kirk, Meghan Masius, Katy Gilbert and Julia Greer).
8. Concord (Katie Barefoot, Meridith Moore, Lucy Suddreth and Annabeth Bethune).
11. Cox Mill (Erin Wells, Taylor Rothermel, Ashley MacCoy and Bethy Beard).

Boys' 200-yard medley relay:
1. Robinson (Griffin Fielder, Chad Heiser, Rene Brown and Forrest Cannon).
3. Hickory Ridge (Ryan Steigerwalt, Adam Mulchi, Zack Lambert and Matt Icard).
6. Cox Mill (Nick Cannon, Preston Roycroft, Ethan Garrison and Clay Perry).
11. A.L. Brown (Davied Sanchez, Jackson Boone, Corey Klepper and Cole Harris).
12. Mount Pleasant (Spencer Kiessling, Michael Dilks, Kody Rice and Devon Jarman).

Girls' 200-yard freestyle:
6. Hunter Rogers (Robinson).
11. Bethy Beard (Cox Mill).

Boys' 200-yard freestyle:
2. Chad Heiser (Robinson).
7. Michael Dilks (Mount Pleasant).
9. Nick Cannon (Cox Mill).
10. Rene Brown (Robinson).
12. Brian Todd (Robinson).

Girls' 200-yard IM:
5. Addison White (Robinson).

Boys' 200-yard IM:
4. Preston Roycroft (Cox Mill).
6. Cole Harris (Brown).
11. Griffin Fiedler (Robinson).

Girls' 50-yard freestyle:
6. Julia Greer (Robinson).
10. Bethy Beard (Cox Mill).
12. Annabeth Bethune (Concord).

Boys' 50-yard freestyle:
4. Matt Icard (Hickory Ridge).
6. Ethan Garrison (Cox Mill).
7. Adam Mulchi (Hickory Ridge).
9. Forrest Cannon (Robinson).
10. Devon Jarman (Mount Pleasant).

Girls' 100-yard butterfly:
9. Katy Gilbert (Robinson).
11. Taylor Greene (Northwest Cabarrus).
12. Megan Maglione (Robinson).

Boys' 100-yard butterfly:
2. Rene Brown (Robinson).
8. Austin Rohrer (Concord).
12. Greg Leeman (Concord).

Girls' 100-yard freestyle:
4. Julia Greer (Robinson).
12. Erin Wells (Cox Mill).

Boys' 100-yard freestyle:
2. Zack Lambert (Hickory Ridge).
3. Ethan Garrison (Cox Mill).
7. Matt Icard (Hickory Ridge).
8. Adam Mulchi (Hickory Ridge).

Girls' 500-yard freestyle:
4. Hunter Rogers (Robinson).

Boys' 500-yard freestyle:
5. Austin Rohrer (Concord).

Girls' 200-yard freestyle relay:
4. Robinson (Addison White, Alex Kirk, Hunter Rogers and Julia Greer).
8. Concord (Mary Blackwelder, Brianna Clark, Lucy Suddreth and Annabeth Bethune).
9. Hickory Ridge (Jesseeca Nguyen, Nora Shafer, Anna Zinkann and Kristin Mulchi).

Boys' 200-yard freestyle relay:
2. Hickory Ridge (Zack Lambert, Ben Mack, Adam Mulchi and Matt Icard).
6. Mount Pleasant (Kody Rice, Spencer Kiessling, Devon Jarman and Michael Dilks).
8. Northwest Cabarrus (Jeff Gilley, Collin Waldrop, Sam Miller and Brian Gilley).
10. Concord (Aaron Kuhn, Myers Jones, Rob Suddreth and Austin Rohrer).
12. Robinson (Ryan Buddendeck, CJ Herron, Brian Todd and Forrest Cannon).

Girls' 100-yard backstroke:
12. Alex Kirk (Robinson).

Boys' 100-yard backstroke:
1. Zack Lambert (Hickory Ridge).
2. Davied Sanchez (Brown).
3. Jeff Gilley (Northwest Cabarrus).
5. Nick Cannon (Cox Mill).
6. Griffin Fiedler (Robinson).
7. Cole Harris (Brown).
8. Ryan Steigerwalt (Hickory Ridge).

Girls' 100-yard breaststroke:
9. Addison White (Robinson).
12. Meghan Masius (Robinson).

Boys' 100-yard breaststroke:
3. Chad Heiser (Robinson).
4. Preston Roycroft (Cox Mill).
9. Michael Dilks (Mount Pleasant).

Girls' 400-yard freestyle relay:
4. Robinson (Jessica Gomez, Katy Gilbert, Hunter Rogers and Addison White).
6. Concord (Mary Blackwelder, Brianna Clark, Lucy Suddreth and Annabeth Bethune).
7. Cox Mill (Erin Wells, Ashley MacCoy, Amanda Carter and Bethy Beard).
12. Northwest Cabarrus (Leslie Oman, Hilary Overcash, Nicole Soltis and Taylor Greene).

Boys' 400-yard freestyle relay:
3. Robinson (Rene Brown, Griffin Fiedler, Brian Todd and Chad Heiser).
4. Cox Mill (Nick Cannon, Kyle Cicenia, Preston Roycroft and Ethan Garrison).
9. Northwest Cabarrus (Jeff Gilley, Collin Waldrop, Sam Miller and Brian Gilley).
11. Concord (Rob Suddreth, Myers Jones, Greg Leeman and Austin Rohrer).